Triphi Indonesia was founded in July 2013 by work experience in heating industry,  we saw the opportunity for focuses on spareparts of Boiler and Turbine firts.

In accordance with the company’s mission is to keep on growing and extend its line of businesses,
Triphi Indonesia has established divisions:

* Sparepart Burner:
1) Burner Control
2) Oil and Coupling Pump
3) Flame detector or Photocell
4) Oil Nozzle, Air Diffuser Disc, Blower Wheel
5) Oil and Gas Filter
6) Ignition Transformer
7) Ignition Electrodes
8) Servomotor

* Instrumentation :
1) Water Level Control
2) Pressure Control
3) Gas Train
4) Gas Regulator
5) Gas Flowmeter
6) Inverter
7) Sight Glass
8) Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter
9) Water meter
10) Oil flow meter
11) Gas Analyzer and Detector

* Valves :
1) Steam traps
2) Valve
3) Blowdown Valves
4) Pressure Reducing Valves
5) Automation Valve, Knife Gate Valve
6) Safety Valves
7) Butterfly Valve
8) Piston valve, Ball valve and Level Gauge valve
9) Control valve
10) Safety valve
11) Mechanical packings, seal and gaskets for valve
12) Automation
13) Valve for mining
14) Actuator valve

* Burner :
1) Light Oil
2) Gas
3) Heavy Oil

* Pump
1) Hot Oil Pump / Circulation Pump for Thermal Oil Heater
2) Feed Water Pump for Steam Boiler
3) Another Pump supply

On February 2018, Triphi Indonesia already is to joint venture PT. Wirabima Turbo Indonesia for expand the our business in service Turbine division.

It is our commitment for the customers to serve better more.

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